Laaker inducted into hallowed halls of Vikings of Distinction

(Omaha, NE) – Micah Laaker was today inducted into Omaha North High Magnet School’s annual Vikings of Distinction alumni honorees. A 1993 graduate of the technology magnet school in Omaha, Laaker was one of seven to be honored as part of 2015’s event. Established in 1983 to honor past graduates who have “achieved outstanding success […]


Laaker joins Nebraska State Historical Society Foundation’s Board of Trustees

(Kearney, NE) — As part of today’s annual meeting, the Nebraska State Historical Society Foundation welcomed Micah Laaker to its Board of Trustees. The Nebraska State Historical Society Foundation, a 501(C3) not-for-profit corporation, secures funding for the Nebraska State Historical Society from individuals and organizations, across the state and beyond, who value Nebraska’s unique heritage […]

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Graphicly 2011 Recap

Ed. Note: This is a repost of the summary shared on the Graphicly Blog. When I joined Graphicly a little over a year ago, we had two primary audiences: customers (those of you who buy, read, and discuss comics), and publishers (those of you who create comics). Each of these are familiar with a subset […]

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Moving healthcare to the masses

Several weeks back, NPR ran a story dubbed “Wal-Mart Plans Ambitious Expansion Into Medical Care,” outlining how Wal-Mart planned to open medical clinics throughout its chain of stores. The story was later updated to suggest Wal-Mart did not indeed have such machinations. However, the idea has some interesting points worth considering… especially if you replace […]


Shopdeck update

Last year, I announced Shopdeck, an email receipt-filtering app I’d demo’d with Zach Graves at iPadDevCamp. My gut told me there was something valuable in a product like this, but after several chats with possible investors, it didn’t appear I would be able to raise enough to develop the idea for a competitive run. Graphicly […]


Optimizing your site for Google+

When Google rolled out Google+ a couple weeks ago, being the fanboy that I am (according to others), I quickly set up my profile. And then, being the self-promoter that I am (according to myself), I began trying to optimize my site content for sharing within the service. Having spent time earlier this year on […]


Turning your home into a connected home gallery

I recently signed up for TurningArt, a ‘Netflix for fine art,’ if you will. (Basic premise: subscribe to get new artwork of your choosing via a queue every 3 months in a provided frame, and each artwork ‘rental’ earns you credits to purchase any of the pieces at a discount.) Great concept, and I was […]


Laaker leaves Yahoo! to join social comics startup Graphicly

(Mountain View) – After six awesome years at Yahoo!, Micah Laaker today announced his transition to lead product experience at Graphicly, a multi-platform social comics and entertainment experience working to bridge comics, characters, and conversations. Since joining Graphicly, Laaker has led the charge begin incorporating its first wave of social features in the product’s Web […]

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Hungarian pizza

Last year I was contacted by Ivan Szekely of the OSA Archivum (Open Society Archives at Central European University) about translating into Hungarian the ACLU Pizza Surveillance short film I designed several years ago. Their effort was to “present privacy and informational self-determination as a value in the information society.” After linking him up with […]


Analysis of (and APIs for) We Rule and We Farm actions

For anyone who hasn’t had the pleasure to rock either of ngmoco:)’s great iPhone/iPad game titles, We Rule and We Farm, this post will make little sense. If, however, you are a fan of the “Farmville in medieval times” and the “Farmville in… well, Farmville times” game titles that are all the rage with the […]


The Case for adding (visible) Activity Stream analytics

Activity streams (whether Facebook’s news feed, Twitter’s tweet stream, Yahoo!’s Updates, LinkedIn’s network activity, MySpace’s Stream or those using the format) are all the rage around the Web now. In each instance, users publish directly (via entering your comment into a Sharing dialog box) or indirectly (by the system generating content based on an […]


I Turn 35 on Friday

This Friday, on June 11th, at roughly 8pm CST, I’m turning 35. That’s 35 years of high-quality content livin’ that I’m proud to have sponsored, but the clock’s ticking. So I’m turning to you, who’ve tuned in for some portion of that time, free of charge, to help with the only pledge drive I’ve run. […]


iPhone OS for Apple TV?

Back in 2008 just after the iPhone had received its first major OS revision, I posited that Apple would update its Apple TV to use iPhone OS apps. Nothing of the sort has happened… yet. But now, with Google TV having just been announced at Google I/O (where its Android platform powers the Apps, the […]


Remembering Gary Coleman

I was a bit saddened tonight when I heard that Gary Coleman passed away today. Like most Americans my age, I’ve had my fair share of laughs at Gary’s expense over the years. But, unlike most, I actually got to spend an evening with Gary at the close of the century, and it was quite […]


Zynga’s Social Games are coming to Yahoo!

Today, I was part of a big announcement we made at Yahoo!: Zynga has signed a partnership agreement with us to bring its games to our network in force. This is big. 80 million users play Farmville, on average, a month on Facebook. 28M for Poker. 23M for Mafia Wars. These users bring their friends […]

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