Exploring green tech through Climate Vine

(Mountain View) — After twelve years at Google (ranging from small business services to unifying consumer identity experiences and privacy consents to aligning the product design toolchain), Micah Laaker announced his career transition to explore climate tech through the Climate Vine fellowship cohort.

“Coming from families that were focused on sustainable living on family farms and a decade+ investment in electrifying my home, I knew my next career chapter would best be targeted at the burgeoning climate tech fields,” said Laaker.

“Which of the many associated fields, however, was a challenge. I chose the Climate Vine fellowship to get a more detailed understanding of the range of technologies, approaches, and organizations associated with improving living conditions, job opportunities, and economic development, and which might have the most leverage to accelerate those opportunities for others.”

To help others interested in a similar journey, Laaker intends to publish weekly links through the fellowship using the climate tag on his site.



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