Shopdeck update

Shopdeck icon Last year, I announced Shopdeck, an email receipt-filtering app I’d demo’d with Zach Graves at iPadDevCamp. My gut told me there was something valuable in a product like this, but after several chats with possible investors, it didn’t appear I would be able to raise enough to develop the idea for a competitive run. Graphicly emerged the winner in the race for what I was to do in a post-Yahoo! world, and Shopdeck quickly took a back seat on that drive.

Nonetheless, there’ve been several ideas surrounding Shopdeck that I continue to find interesting (namely: building utility out of latent email activity data, and community-based feature extensions). So, rather than keep them contained in discussions among a few, I decided to share the initial/draft pitch deck for Shopdeck with the larger world.

Whether in Shopdeck, a competitor, or somewhere else, hopefully some of the ideas that Zach, I, and others discussed can become more fully formed and useful elsewhere.

P.S. In the time that’s past, there’ve also been a couple interesting startups that have emerged trying to solve a very similar problem: One Receipt, ShopSanity and Lemon. It will be exciting to see where these take the general idea of email-based receipt mining; the market seems to remain ripe for development in this area.


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