Social Fabric Softeners

Yesterday saw the release of Digital Arts magazine’s December issue, whose cover story featured 14 designers politicking about design trends for 2008. I was able to bring a little color to the subject around distributed experiences, whether those be widget-based or more akin to Facebook’s apps model. The Future Design 2008 article spans a number […]

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Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac Special Media Edition for $32

In light of tomorrow being 2007’s Black Friday, here’s my deal-of-the-day for Mac users. Tomorrow, November 23rd, 2007, go to and buy the Microsoft Office 2004 Student/Teacher edition for $125 with free shipping. Then, do two things: 1. Get a $100 rebate right away for buying on this particular day. 2. Fill out the […]


Kicking Shelfari while they’re down

I’m a big fan of user library software. I bought a license to Delicious Library as soon as it came out, and then undertook a process of hacking a number of CueCats to assist in scanning my book, CD, DVD, and game library. Once I began that quest, though, it struck me as odd that […]

Comments (4) Announces Q4 2007 Numbers; 50% YOY Staff/Product Growth

(Mountain View) – today officially announced its 2007 4th quarter numbers to the street. Beating the analysts estimates of another flat year in terms of growth and shipping products, the site launched its biggest product to-date. Speaking to investors, Micah Laaker stated: “One year ago, rumors were fluttering around, and people were asking about […]

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Installing the Adobe AIR SDK on a Mac

I recently attempted to install the Adobe AIR SDK on my MacBook Pro so that I could compile AIR applications. While Adobe’s done some great work at developing and exposing their tools early to the public, I could not find a set of instructions that resulted in a working installation. Luckily, Yahoo! Developer Network co-worker […]

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The Honor Associated with Hosting a Kwik-E-Mart Convenience Store

(Mountain View, CA) 7-Eleven spokeswoman Margaret Chabris recently (and astutely) stated: “We’ve done research, and research shows us that our customers like… movies, so we’re getting involved with some major studios on some of their properties this summer.” (This was covered, amongst others, in the venerable Convenience Store News… one of Mr. Laaker’s many, many […]

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Hack London

Tom Coates recently announced the news I’d been dying to share: Yahoo! will be hosting an open Hack Day in London this June. We have all the official information up on the Yahoo! Developer Network blog, as well as the official open Hack Day site. And, as with last year’s event here in Sunnyvale, this […]


Taking Action on Darfur

A recent poll found 62% of Americans feel that the US action preventing the genocide in Darfur should be among our top foreign policy objectives. That’s more decisive public opinion than we have surrounding the next steps surrounding Iraq and Afghanistan, Venezuela, and Israel and Palestine. Yet we as a country and as individuals continue […]

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Pestering your friends just became a whole lot easier

One of the great benefits of working at Yahoo! is participating with a diverse pool of colleagues in our quarterly Hack Day competitions. Google has its weekly “20% time,” where individuals go off and build whatever they’d like; Yahoo! takes a less time-intensive, but fundamentally different, approach which really resonates with me: Every 3 months, […]

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Home is Where the Hurt Is

The other night, Bryce Glass publicly made me aware of two major mistakes I made, each dutifully documented on his site. First, I misspelled the name of Ohio’s great citadel, Cincinnati, with the word “cincinatti.” Second (and most importantly), I mis-tagged Bryce with such a label when (in actuality) he lives in Columbus. Now, I […]

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Laaker Joins Yahoo! Developer Network

(Sunnyvale, CA) – While some had already heard the news via a LinkedIn profile update, Micah Laaker today officially announced his joining of the Yahoo! Developer Network. Laaker is joining YDN to build and lead the new user experience group for the team. The Sunnyvale-based company, now 10+ years old, began as the web’s Yellow […]

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I Use (and Recommend) This

Every couple of months I am usually hit up by a friend (who knows of me as a Mac user) for sage advice on what software to get for their new laptop or iMac. Invariably, I write up a long email with the latest and greatest freeware/shareware that I can’t live without, as well as […]

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Adding Yahoo! Saving Tools to NetNewsWire

NetNewsWire is my RSS newsreader of choice. Originally developed by Ranchero Software, it is now owned and under active development by NewsGator. Built from the group up with AppleScript support, NetNewsWire allows non-NewsGator employees to enhance the application with simple scripts; due to this foresight, several enhancements (such as the “Post to” action available […]

Comments (1) Highlights “Best of 2006” Content

(Pacifica, CA) 2006 was a banner year for, seeing not only a relaunch and optimization of the site, but also the first new press release in more than a year. To help readers new to the site, Mr. Laaker took a poll of the year’s content; overwhelmingly, users agreed that “Made in the U.S.A. […]

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Five (5) Traumatic Taunts

(Pacifica, CA) There is a wave slowing crashing across the blog fanboy community these days centered on the idea of sharing “five things about me.” As such, the baton was recently passed to me by a certain Matt McAlister, product manager extraordinairre over at the Yahoo!’s Developer Network. Never one to let a fellow fanboy […]

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