Hack London

Tom Coates recently announced the news I’d been dying to share: Yahoo! will be hosting an open Hack Day in London this June.

We have all the official information up on the Yahoo! Developer Network blog, as well as the official open Hack Day site.

And, as with last year’s event here in Sunnyvale, this will be free, open to (and expressly for) non-Yahoo! employees, and provide a 24-hour, beer-and-pizza-fueled social environment within which folks can build and demonstrate unique product ideas and enhancements. Unlike last year’s event, though, this one will be held in a palace overlooking London.

The whole YDN team will be there for the event, as well as a number of US- and UK-based Yahoo! folks. I’ll personally be in London Wed, June 13, through Sunday, June 17, so if you’ll be there too (or happen to live there), drop me a line.

But most importantly, come out and make something.

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PS: Happy Cinco de Micah!


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