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Privacy Paranoia Parlays Into Publicity, Props

(Palo Alto, CA) – After working with the American Civil Liberties Union for a number of years, Micah Laaker was honored by the 5th Annual Media That Matters Film Festival for his contribution to the ACLU’s Pizza Surveillance Feature. The pizza feature took the top honor in the Civil Liberties category. Using Macromedia Flash to […]


An Open Letter Regarding Running and Regalia

(Palo Alto, CA) – is known largely for its recupe of two parts journalistic integrity and one part shameless self-promotion. Thus departing from this family secret for a whopping three parts plugging, founder Micah Laaker turned to hyping a good cause with a special incentive in an open letter to the site’s large […]


Yahoo! Now Featuring Laaker Works of Art and New Role

(Palo Alto, CA) – After joining forces with Yahoo! last November, Micah Laaker announced visible elements of his work are available for public consumption on the popular website, as well as a change in position. “Today marks a great step forward for users of the ‘World Wide Web,’” stated Laaker. “Yahoo! has provided users with […]


Halls Defense Goes on Offense

(Palo Alto, CA) – In a somewhat surprising move, Micah Laaker’s upper palate was brazenly sliced from the inside by a rogue Halls Defense® Vitamin C supplement drop. Clearly pioneering a new entry point for the excessive vitamin insemination of its host, the drop cut an approximately one- (1) inch tear into the roof of […]


“Fast for Justice” Participation Raises Visibility of Sudan’s Darfur Genocide

(Palo Alto, CA) – Repeating last August’s participation in the nationwide event, Micah Laaker today joined the “Fast for Justice” hunger strike. Established to help raise awareness of the continuing campaign of genocide against the local population in the Sudan’s Darfur region, the strike is composed of Americans concerned about the atrocities and committed to […]

Comments (1) Relocates World Headquarters

After more than five years of handling business in New York, has flipped coasts and moved to Palo Alto, California. “Silicon Alley has always sounded a bit too much like that other alley of Batman fame… Crime Alley,”’s founder Micah Laaker mused. “’s family-friendly focus has always caused a bit of a problem […]

Comments Redesign Launches Laaker’s New Information Design Efforts

Editor’s Note Check out a case study of the new site design in the Assorted Works section to see images and learn more. (New York City) – After years of visual stagnation, Def Jam Recordings had it’s online ride "pimped" by Micah Laaker and the Fearless Concepts’ creative and development teams. Known as the […]


“Black on Broadway” Features Laaker Guest Appearance

(New York City) – Comedian Lewis Black’s recent HBO comedy special, “Black on Broadway,” features a surprise guest appearance by comedy powerhouse Micah Laaker. Laaker, who directed the creative development of Black’s website, is featured thirty-eight minutes into the hour-long "premium cable" show. Caught on camera chuckling in the sixth row of New York’s Brooks […]


Wiley Releases “Photoshop CS in 10 Simple Steps or Less”

(New York City) – After nearly 9 months in development, John Wiley & Sons Publishing has released "Photoshop CS in 10 Simple Steps or Less," a new title written by Micah Laaker and Christopher Schmitt. Buy the Book "Photoshop CS in 10 Simple Steps or Less," is available at most large bookstore chains, such as […]


Laaker Joins Career Gear Benefit Committee, Solicits Sponsors

(New York City) – Career Gear, a not-for-profit organization that has helped disadvantaged men nationwide with professional attire, interview skills, career counselling, and job retention programs, recently accepted Micah Laaker as a member of its Capital PerSuit ’04 benefit committee. Learn More readers can learn more about Capital PerSuit ’04, as well as RSVP […]


Mass Appeal Magazine Features an Illustrative Laaker Contribution

(New York City) – In their December/January "Wrapper’s Delight" issue, the hip-hop and urban culture examiner magazine known as Mass Appeal published a new illustration by Micah Laaker. Heading the Duckhunt column, Laaker’s illustration features hip-hop celebrities Jay-Z, Eminem, Ma$e, and Dr. Dre "lounging lovely" in geriatric style at the Sugar Hill Retirement Home. The […]


Laaker/Patton Weddingmania 2003 Autumn Explosion in Kansas, Africa

Editor’s Note While scanning and editing their 500+ photographs and notes of the trip took a sizeable amount of time, the images from the wedding and honeymoon are now viewable online. (Lawrence, KS) – Making good on his New Year’s nuptials pledge, Micah Laaker walked down the aisle of Lawrence’s Trinity Lutheran Church on October […]


HOW Magazine Publishes Another Laaker-penned Article

(New York City) – In their August 2003 "Hi Tech/Lo Tech" issue, HOW Magazine published a new article by Micah Laaker. Dubbed "Interactive Buddy System," the article discusses the importance of solid communication between design and technology teams on any interactive development project. The article uses ‘real world’ examples from New York’s Kounterattack design firm, […]


New Adobe Photoshop Book Announced

(New York City) – Micah Laaker announced today his second publishing deal. This title, completely unrelated to SVG (the topic of his first tome and several magazine articles), will focus exclusively on Adobe Photoshop. It will be published by John Wiley & Sons, purveyors of popular technology series such as the Dummies, Bible, and Secrets […]


Mr. Laaker Accepts Creative Director position

(New York City) – After devoting the past year and a half to Sedapa, his own graphic design studio, Micah Laaker announced today his return to the corporate workplace. Laaker is joining NetKinesis as the Creative Director, leading the design department of the interactive agency. The New York-based company, nearly three years old, began as […]


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