“Black on Broadway” Features Laaker Guest Appearance

(New York City) – Comedian Lewis Black’s recent HBO comedy special, “Black on Broadway,” features a surprise guest appearance by comedy powerhouse Micah Laaker.

Laaker, who directed the creative development of Black’s website, is featured thirty-eight minutes into the hour-long "premium cable" show. Caught on camera chuckling in the sixth row of New York’s Brooks Atkinson Theater, Laaker’s obvious enjoyment of the material has provided home audiences everywhere (with HBO) the authorization to laugh along with the preceding joke.

Says Laaker, “Greater America has only recently become aware of Black’s comedy through his weekly appearance on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show. The inclusion of my footage will obviously bring in a larger audience that otherwise may have overlooked this comic genius.”

Laaker and fellow co-workers were invited to the original taping of the special back in February for their work on the Black website, which features audio clips from his albums, a photo gallery, message board, voicemail from Lew himself, an appearances schedule, the ability to ask questions of the comedian, and his signature finger flailing. The special originally aired on May 15th on HBO and continues to air over the next couple of months on the same channel.


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