Relocates World Headquarters

After more than five years of handling business in New York, has flipped coasts and moved to Palo Alto, California.

“Silicon Alley has always sounded a bit too much like that other alley of Batman fame… Crime Alley,”’s founder Micah Laaker mused. “’s family-friendly focus has always caused a bit of a problem in that regard. Having ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ on our stationery raised some eyebrows with our clients, so the board of directors unanimously agreed to relocate the world headquarters to the ever-cheerful, wonderful world of California.”

Integral to this move was likely Laaker’s recent acceptance into the ranks of the Bay Area’s longest reigning technology family: Yahoo!. Laaker joined the Internet giant’s User Experience Design team as the Design Manager for the company’s personalization powerhouse, My Yahoo!.

The transition of’s offices from one coast to the other has had no negative effect on the organization’s productivity. " is known for putting out press releases, product recommendations, and portfolio updates in a very slow, meandering fashion," Laaker stated. "We’re not looking to change that award-winning and fan-pleasing methodology any time soon. Our users have come to depend on this lackadaisical approach to publishing, and we aim to continue to do just that."


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