now featuring URL-shortening action

(Mountain View) – is now leveraging URL-shortening links for its 3rd-party service promotional links (i.e. links that point back to posts) as well as to other items of Micah Laaker’s interest.

At the time of this publication, links will now redirect to Laaker’s links of choice.

“From whence the domain came, you ask?” asked Mr. Laaker. “Unfortunately, all the meaningful short URLs were unavailable. was snatched by Korean firm who apparently hasn’t figured out how to configure their site yet, Mic.ah doesn’t exist as there is no ‘.ah’ top-level domain, and would require registering the domain through the currently unavailable (according to Wikipedia) and war-ravaged Eritrea. That left us with my first initial and my lucky number. That, or a number of far more expensive and equally irrelevant options. So, it is.”

The domain will leverage Pro, a service powered by (which was featured previously in Laaker’s Micah’s (11) Favorite Things For 2009).


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