I Turn 35 on Friday

This Friday, on June 11th, at roughly 8pm CST, I’m turning 35.

That’s 35 years of high-quality content livin’ that I’m proud to have sponsored, but the clock’s ticking. So I’m turning to you, who’ve tuned in for some portion of that time, free of charge, to help with the only pledge drive I’ve run.

If you’ve enjoyed any of my daily broadcasts, Hobbit sketches, blog posts, illustrations, icons, technical how-tos, presentations, HyperCard stacks, tweets, tirades, anti-tree propaganda sites, conversations, space beats, or awkward silences, *and* haven’t chipped in, consider this your opportunity to join in for my birthday pledge week.

Consider for a minute: you pay for cable and Internet access to be available every day. Some of you pay for public radio. Like all 3 of those, I have to keep the lights on for your entertainment: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, 35 years a life… and hopefully more.

This year, please consider funding my continued content production via a donation to charity:water. They rock. 100% of your donation goes to building wells, training communities, and keeping the projects sustainable. (Their nonprofit overhead is funded thru an entirely different fundraising arm.) All human beings have the same right to clean, safe drinkable water as what we have in the US. Even those on my Enemies List.

So, please, do me a favor: if you’ve enjoyed any of my output over 35 years, pitch in to help build a well where its needed. I’ll keep producing. (Matter of fact, I’ll even pledge more output if we hit my goal of $2500.)

I have two days left to hit this goal, and I need the help of my friends from over the years. Can you join in this one and only Laaker.com Birthday Pledge Drive?


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