Steve Jobs Gets His First Micah Laaker Sighting

(Palo Alto, CA) – Silicon Valley local-boy-done-good Steven P. Jobs, notable to many for his founding of Apple Computer in the 1970s and then his subsequent turnaround of the company in the 1990s, made his first Micah Laaker sighting since arriving in Palo Alto years earlier, despite living only blocks away from the designer.

Attending “March of the Penguins” (a sordid tale of flightless birds and their miserable lives) at the neighborhood CineArts theater palace this past Saturday with wife and kids in tow, Mr. Jobs spotted Laaker from across the lobby. Laaker, who was at the time purchasing a drink and some popped corns for his (and his wife’s) enjoyment, caught Jobs’ glance from the ticket purchasing line. (Ed. Note – Mr. Jobs was, as to be expected, wearing his trademark black turtleneck, although his standard pair of blue jeans was replaced by a “business casual” pair of shorts. This choice proved wise, considering the theater’s unwise decision to leave off the air conditioning on a summer afternoon.)

Longtime Macintosh user and proselytizer though he was, Laaker was in a rush to catch a prime viewing seat at the movie house’s showing of Murderball (a film notable for being much “harder” than “March of the Penguins”). With a slight “‘sup, dude?!” head guesture, he nodded back at Mr. Jobs and his family before entering to find his seat. As the walls were sound-proofed and he was comfortably seated in the warm cinema den’s trademark Relax-o-back chairs, Mr. Laaker was unsure if he heard Jobs’ furtive pleas for a Yahoo! 360 invite. (Ed. NoteYahoo! 360 is now open to the public.)


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