Dentist Gives Laaker Clean Bill of Health

(New York City) – Visiting a New York dentist for the first time, Micah Laaker was given a thumbs-up for his continued "Cavity-free" performance. Mr. Laaker, a 24-year regular of Dr. Taylor’s dental practice in Omaha, NE, was encouraged to put his dental care health insurance to the test locally after being unable to visit Taylor for a prolonged period due to obvious geographical roadblocks.

While talking with the local dentist ("Dr. Dorn" of the Gramercy Personal Dental Service), Mr. Laaker was encouraged to switch from a hard-bristled toothbrush to a soft-bristled toothbrush. Apparently the rigourous brushing regimen was beginning to take its toll on Laaker’s back teeth, scraping off precious enamel alongside plaque and tartar with reckless abandon.

Thankfully, due to Mr. Laaker’s age, the dentist was not concerned about the effects of such scrubbings and insisted everything would be fine unless Mr. Laaker did not adhere to the soft-bristled instructions. (Mr. Laaker indicated that he would opt for the "everything being fine" option.)

The good doctor ended the appointment with an encouragement to schedule his next visit before leaving. After finding a mutually agreeable time and date with the receptionist, Mr. Laaker left formulating his toothbrush conversion action plan.


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