“Teach Yourself SVG in 24 Hours” Announced

(New York City) – Micah Laaker announced today his first publishing deal: authorship of "Teach Yourself SVG in 24 Hours." The book will be a technical tutorial book helping first-time developers get up-to-speed using Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), a relatively new W3C standard for defining onscreen vector graphics.

Having worked extensively with the technology over the past year both commercially and independently, Mr. Laaker has been publishing a series of tutorials and informative articles via his Research & Development department at Change Digital Studios (formerly Iguana Studios). In late April, Sams Publishing, a leading technical publisher, contacted Mr. Laaker and planning quickly unfolded thereafter.

Set for release in January 2002, the book, divided into 24 one-hour-or-less chapters, will guide readers through the technology’s basic concepts. By the time the book has been completed, readers will have created their own working graphic, containing at least one example from each fundamental concept. More advanced features will be discussed, and a companion website (to be announced) will provide additional examples and reference material.

Update: Laaker.com has provided links to preorder discounted copies of the book for its release this coming January.


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