Rollout of New Broadband ‘ Knowledge Network’ Initiative Announced

(New York City) – Continuing efforts to breathe life into its struggling online consumer site, announced its foray into broadband delivery: email-based newsletters.

"Our readers have been clamouring for a less confrontational way of hearing about new content than me berating them for not checking the site everyday," said Micah Laaker. "The ‘ Knowledge Network’ represents a bold shift of responsibility from the shoulders of our readers back to us. Whereas kids previously had to check the site every hour to see if something new has been added, we can now ‘push’ a newsletter out to our subscribers, alerting them to new content, new services, and new promotions."

Having spent months developing the new service, Mr. Laaker noted the ease of subscribing. Users need simply need visit "" to enroll, free-of-charge, in the service. (Any reader that is already a Yahoo! user can use their existing username and password to receive the service.)

"We look forward to providing our readers with a barrage of new content, and the Knowledge Network will be on the front lines of getting said content out to the masses quickly," said Mr. Laaker. All questions pertaining to the confusing labelling of e-mail newsletters as "broadband" were dodged.


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