Palm, Inc. Deems Mr. Laaker’s Comments “Defamatory”

(New York City) – Palm, Inc. fired a shot of disrespect into the camp of Micah Laaker on Wednesday by removing a posting to their online discussion boards. After reading about the announcement of the latest in Palm’s hardware offerings, the m105, Mr. Laaker immediately went to the company’s discussion boards to "sound off."

Mr. Laaker, long a proponent of the Palm devices, has recently grown disgusted with the company for its lack of product innovation.

"Palm has once again released the same product to consumers under the guise of pushing technology to its limits. The m105 is, for all intents and purposes, the same device as the original Palm Pilot," Laaker was heard saying to co-workers. "You cannot tell me that removeable faceplates and 6MB of RAM are ground-breaking additions after three years."

To ensure that Palm and others heard his disdain for this product launch, he posted the following diatribe online:

Subject: Keep on stagnatin'!
Palm has moved from innovation to plain ole stagnation. Getting swappable faceplates for under $200 seems to be as innovative as it gets anymore. Still no USB connection, still no NiCad rechargeable batteries, still no expansion. This device exists in several formats already.
Why bother producing new products? Palm still has plenty of existing antiquated products in the channel. Why not sell them and then ship a device that actually takes a step forward?
Even Lucky Charms puts in new shaped marshmallows every now and again instead of just painting the cereal box differently. Let's get with the times, hire some forward-thinking product planners, and actually produce a product that builds on the original. It's a much better strategy than just repackaging the original.
So... keep on stagnatin'! As long as Visor can keep adding to their offerings, Palm-powered devices should be around.
Just not Palm-branded devices.

Half an hour after posting this message, Mr. Laaker witnessed the post’s removal. The line upon which his message had occupied was now replaced with another message. His message was nowhere to be found on the Palm site.

Palm, Inc., which wasn’t asked to comment for this release, had the following statement on the discussion site:

Discussions of Palm, Inc. policies and procedures, commentary on unannounced products, obscene, defamatory, or infringing material or foul/abusive language are not appropriate and will be removed from the Discussion Board. Palm, Inc. reserves the right to remove any or all posts made to this forum.

"They’re gonna hear from me again," said Mr. Laaker after the removal. "Oh, they’re gonna hear from me again. Until they start innovatin’, they’re gonna keep hearing from me. They’ll need to hire someone full-time to remove my postings from their site!"


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