London Visit to Kickstart World Tour 2001

(New York City) – Continuing the adventurous streak begun last year, Micah Laaker announced his plans today to visit London and the English countryside later this week.

" is committed to extending its audience base to a much larger world population," said Mr. Laaker in his address today. "Already frequently visited by Americans, Canadians and some Irish, is actively seeking English ‘kids’ to familiarize themselves with Mr. Laaker’s odd yet strangely exciting life."

Laaker and his longtime ladyfriend, Carrie Patton, will visit London from March 21-26, with stops planned at Big Ben, Stonehenge, and "whatever else England’s famous for in the London area." Mr. Laaker seemed especially excited to visit the house next to 32 Windsor Gardens: home of childhood favorite Paddington Bear’s arch-nemesis, Mr. Curry.

"That lil’ bear is so loveable, what with his love of marmalade and all, and that Mr. Curry just keeps pushing that lil’ bear’s buttons, causin’ all sorts of problems. Well, it’s time someone pressed Mr. Curry’s buttons… with fists!" (Mr. Laaker hoped people read his last statement with an emphasis on the word "fists!")

Mr. Laaker’s London propaganda campaign has yet to be outlined, although his desire to greet his soon-to-be friends with "Cheerio!" is widely known.


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