Mr. Laaker Celebrates Launch In Style

(Los Angeles) – Arriving fashionably late, Micah Laaker celebrated the launch of at the Stan Lee Media Hollywood Convergence Gala last night. After approximately two months of long hours and many evenings of fried chicken dinners preventing the regular updates to his PR site, Mr. Laaker and the hardworking Iguana Studios team were ready to see their creation in the limelight.

Upon piling out of an incredibly packed Seabring convertible rental, Mr. Laaker and crew entered the ceremonial hall alongside David Faustino (“Bud Bundy” from Fox’s “Married with Children”), which was decked out with large, rotating, projected images on the ceiling. The long list of celebrities that were promised to be in attendance was somehow inconspicuous, despite rumors of Freddy Prinze, Jr. and Lou Ferrigno mingling about. Mr. Laaker was able, however, to coordinate a brief meeting of minds with legendary Dukes of Hazard actor John Schneider (“Bo Duke”). Buddy Tom Wopat (“Luke Duke”) was absent due to contractually binding performances in New York City that night.

As Jerry Lee Lewis took the stage to perform an “exciting new” rendition of “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On,” Mr. Laaker fled to the back of the hall where it became harder to hear, only to reemerge several minutes later when Dick Clark and Stan Lee took the stage to introduce the new site. In a very rewarding moment, the audience gasped as began running on the large projection monitor. Soon after, Chaka Khan took the stage as well, and the evening’s activities began to spiral to a close.

Mr. Laaker ended the evening with a late night dinner with old friend and lead singer of the up-and-coming boy band “Boys’r’us,” Maher Jafari. Good times abounded, and much trash was talked, as was customary for their meetings.

Mr. Laaker meets Stan Lee's evil creation: Mongorr.

Mr. Laaker meets Stan Lee’s evil creation: Mongorr. (View larger image.)

Mr. Laaker and team in front of Stan Lee Media gala.

Mr. Laaker and team in front of Stan Lee Media gala. (View larger image.)


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