Yahoo! Personalization

Universal Location Manager

Default location pre-populates content on new home page

Users of the new Yahoo! home page are now able to set a network-wide Default location on their computer, thus allowing any location field on the network (including the three on the home page) to pre-populate with their chosen locale. Users can also engage a redesigned, AJAX-powered drop-down widget next to each location field to access recent and saved locations, as well as manage and save their preferred locations… all in context of the content they are trying to modify.

Recent Activity

Recent Activity module for Yahoo! Food

After user testing a number of solutions on Yahoo! Tech, I worked with the Yahoo! Media Group to implement a scalable framework for multi-subject, recently-viewed items for the newly-released Yahoo! Food. The Recent Activity module (which sits on any content page in the right “My” bar) allows users to quickly return to past-seen pages and will soon accommodate the saving of favorite items for viewing later (or on different devices).

Social Media tools

Content action tools inline on Yahoo! Education quotation pages

Working closely with Matt McAlister, I helped architect, design, and code the first phase of a multi-prong offensive structured to empower publishers with the tools to quickly allow the sharing, saving, and subscribing of their content by their users.

The Yahoo! Publisher Network currently hosts a page showing anyone how to add and modify these tools to accommodate multiple publisher needs.

Syndicated Podcast ratings badge

Syndicated podcast badge

To coincide with the launch of the new Yahoo! Podcasts, I developed an extensible badge framework which allowed publishers to showcase Yahoo! users’ collective rating of their podcast series, as well as a mechanism to encourage viewers to rate the series within the badge itself. Publishers can configure the layout and appearance of their badge using an online tool.


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