Future Design 2008
Digital Arts
December 2007

“Take Ten New York”
Moodboard Magazine
September 2004

Flash Frames: A New Pop Culture
by Laurie Dolphin & Stuart Shapiro
April 2002

“From Video to Animation”
by Sara Booth
Step-by-Step Digital Design
September 2001

“Getting Ready for SVG Graphics”
Web Design World 2001 Conference (Seattle)
August 2001

“SVG Battles for Recognition”
by Orren Merton
May 2001

“Search and Destroy: How Iguana Studios Used SVG to Squash Limitations for BattleBots”
by Joyce Slaton
The New Architect
March 8, 2001

“Culture Specialists”
by Lucas Daniel
October 2000


“Adobe Illustrator CS2: SVG Bar Chart Tutorial”
Adobe Systems, Inc.
March 2005

“Adobe Illustrator CS2: SVG Pie Chart Tutorial”
Adobe Systems, Inc.
March 2005

Photoshop CS in 10 Simple Steps or Less
John Wiley & Sons Publishing
January 5, 2004

“Interactive design’s buddy system”
HOW Magazine
July/August 2003

“One format to rule them all”
HOW Magazine
September/October 2002

Teach Yourself Scalable Vector Graphics in 24 Hours
SAMS Publishing
February 15, 2002

“Simplifying Flash Video”
September 2001

“Rough by Design”
Fall 2001

“SVG Basics Explained”
Iguana Studios Research & Development
March 15, 2001

“SVG Creation Tips for Adobe® SVG Viewer”
Iguana Studios Research & Development
February 21, 2001

“Creating SVG with Adobe® Illustrator 9.0”
Iguana Studios Research & Development
September 5, 2000


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