After the success of Stalefish Labs’ first game, “Inc. The Game of Business,” the company began developing Tall Tales trivia game, a trivia game focused on urban legends and myths. After developing the three legendary characters central to the concept, I illustrated and designed the multiple components of the game: everything from the packaging to the playing cards.

When I first moved to New York, Barnes& hired me to do a series of illustrative cards for their eCards section. Card messages were provided, but visual direction was entirely open to interpretation.

These illustrations were created as part of a series about the daily activities of a rather quiet hamster named Hemorill. The black-and-white line quality was chosen to reflect the quiet, simple and vacuous lifestyle of the little critter. (Later efforts immortalized the fellow in three dimensions.)

The “Rodell” project was a short proof-of-concept for a story I had hoped to produce for several months. This piece, although devoid of storyline and audio, conveyed the mood and illustration style.


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