Laaker leaves Yahoo! to join social comics startup Graphicly

(Mountain View) – After six awesome years at Yahoo!, Micah Laaker today announced his transition to lead product experience at Graphicly, a multi-platform social comics and entertainment experience working to bridge comics, characters, and conversations.

Since joining Graphicly, Laaker has led the charge begin incorporating its first wave of social features in the product’s Web app, launch its Android application, release a rudimentary distributable Web widget, update its iPad application, and define the company’s product roadmap.

“For anyone that has known me since I was very young (or has ever looked at my gift wish list or library record), joining forces with Graphicly is a perfect match,” said Laaker from his new Palo Alto working location. “I have loved comics since I was very young, continue to collect and debate the nuances of story and art with anyone who shows the slightest willingness to listen, and have spent my past 6 professional years working on platforms to help producers get their content/experiences in front of wider audiences (and means for users to socialize them).”

Most recently leading product management, user experience, marketing, and partner relations for Yahoo!’s developer platforms (which make Yahoo! products and services available to 3rd-party developers and publishers), Laaker helped lead Yahoo!’s game partnership deal with Zynga while continuing to push for primary access to Yahoo!’s APIs through YQL.

Originally envisioning his future as the industry’s star comic penciller, Laaker moved into design and product development where he was able to stay close to the visual storytelling media he’d always aspired towards. He led the design teams for the launch of comic legend Stan Lee’s foray into the online world, the Flash-based animated music video for MF Doom, the relaunch of media brand Def Jam Recording’s label site, and the original Flash-based, animated trivia game for the Disney Channel’s Vault Disney. Additionally, he continued his illustration work via board game design and e-cards for Barnes & Noble, among personal projects.

Partnering with the only Micah who has more Twitter followers (sadly by a factor of 10), Laaker joins a strong core team based in Boulder, CO, while continuing to work with a growing West Coast operation in AOL’s Palo Alto incubator lab space.