Required Software for Mac Users

Last year, I posted a list of my favorite Mac software I used and recommended to others. 18 months have passed, and its time to provide an update for folks. Inquisitor Download Inquisitor | Previous recommendation that must be recommended again Aside from far-faster page-loading performance, Inquisitor makes Safari the one-and-only browser choice on the […]

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Moving Selected Files in the OS X Finder to a New Folder

I’ve had a recurring problem for years in Mac OS X. Whenever I need to do a backup, I find myself repeating a pattern. I select a series of files and folders, and then check their total file size via the Finder’s Inspector palette (Cmd-Option-I) to see how close that is to the CD/DVD disc’s […]

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Stretching your software dollar

At the end of 2006, an interesting phenomenon in the Mac world unfolded. “MacHeist” was unveiled, wherein the public could engage in a number of challenges to earn passwords. Each password would “unlock” the MacHeist vault, wherein a user would get access to a piece of Mac software with a legitimate license for use. At […]

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Installing the Adobe AIR SDK on a Mac

I recently attempted to install the Adobe AIR SDK on my MacBook Pro so that I could compile AIR applications. While Adobe’s done some great work at developing and exposing their tools early to the public, I could not find a set of instructions that resulted in a working installation. Luckily, Yahoo! Developer Network co-worker […]

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I Use (and Recommend) This

Every couple of months I am usually hit up by a friend (who knows of me as a Mac user) for sage advice on what software to get for their new laptop or iMac. Invariably, I write up a long email with the latest and greatest freeware/shareware that I can’t live without, as well as […]

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