My 2008 Apple Wishlist: Address Book

As my final send-off to 2007, I’ve assembled a 2008 Apple wishlist, as mentioned in my previous posts. I’m not asking for the world… just tricking out what I already use to make it better for users like me. Address Book Mac OS X’s Address Book is one of the strongest features of the entire […]

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Kicking Shelfari while they’re down

I’m a big fan of user library software. I bought a license to Delicious Library as soon as it came out, and then undertook a process of hacking a number of CueCats to assist in scanning my book, CD, DVD, and game library. Once I began that quest, though, it struck me as odd that […]

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Pestering your friends just became a whole lot easier

One of the great benefits of working at Yahoo! is participating with a diverse pool of colleagues in our quarterly Hack Day competitions. Google has its weekly “20% time,” where individuals go off and build whatever they’d like; Yahoo! takes a less time-intensive, but fundamentally different, approach which really resonates with me: Every 3 months, […]

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